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Action Research Reflection Questions


The main focus and purpose of this action research project was to investigate if the implementation of explicit learning intentions had an impact on student learning. The intended purpose was achieved. Student feedback was very positive. Students were able to clearly articulate what they were learning and why they were learning it. In many cases, […]


After some consideration, I have decided to alter my Learning Intentions further. The TIB (this is because) was not working well so I have decided to change it to- WAILT? – Why am I learning this? so the Learning Intentions for the older students are now presented in the following format: WALT: We are learning to WAILT? Why […]



Viewing the footage of interviewed students from level 4 on their learning in Media was affirming. It provided me with evidence that making the learning intentions explicit has made an impact. All students interviewed were able to clearly articulate what they were learning. Students were also able to express how the learning (in this case, […]

Experimenting with WALT, WILF, TIB


After experimenting using the acronyms –  WALT, WILF and TIB, I have decided to make some adjustments. I found that using all three acronyms is far too much information for the younger students to grasp. It’s word overload! So I have kept it to WALT and WILF and ensure that the intention is short and […]

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