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Experimenting with WALT, WILF, TIB


After experimenting using the acronyms –  WALT, WILF and TIB, I have decided to make some adjustments. I found that using all three acronyms is far too much information for the younger students to grasp. It’s word overload! So I have kept it to WALT and WILF and ensure that the intention is short and specific. As for the TIB, I just explain this verbally. I still include the written TIB for the older students. I have now decided to no longer use WILF as I felt this was a little too teacher centred – What I’m looking for… It seemed to disregard the students. This issue was discussed with members of the PARTS team and we agreed to amend WILF to I am successful when I can.. This is much more student focussed. I will trial this and see how I go….

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