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Viewing the footage of interviewed students from level 4 on their learning in Media was affirming. It provided me with evidence that making the learning intentions explicit has made an impact. All students interviewed were able to clearly articulate what they were learning. Students were also able to express how the learning (in this case, learning to use formulas in MS Excel) would be beneficial in the future.  I did, however, feel that students were not completely sure as to how the learning would be beneficial for them in the present.  This has prompted some consideration to the tasks given, and made me question just how “real-life” and relevant to students’ lives in the HERE and NOW the tasks are. Providing students with rich tasks that are relevant to their lives now is something I endeavour to focus on. Hopefully this will mean that students will be able to not only articulate what they are learning and how it will help them in the future but also how it can be used or is relevant to them in the present.

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